Our Secret of Youth Revealed

Moana introduces the use of red seaweed glycans - Glycoplus® in certified organic skincare

Our Secret of Youth Revealed

Aware of the significance that sugar strains hold in the war against ageing, Moana discovered that the Glycan-rich content of native red seaweed from New Zealand had the ability to support human skin cell polysaccharides and successfully combat the N°1 Enemy of the Skin; Water-Loss. This is how we developed a methodology for nature, tradition and science to co-exist and interact synergistically with each other, as part of certified organic and highly bio-active skin care. 
Red seaweed from New Zealand’s nuclear free pristine coasts has one of the highest concentrations of polysaccharide strains amongst any other type of seaweed, including well-known brown and green varieties. Furthermore, naturally processed Glycoplus® – the red seaweed extract Moana has developed – is a super-food cocktail of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, naturally occurring peptides and amino acids as well as the purest seaweed Glycans on earth.

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