Anti Acne Treatment

Anti Acne Treatment

  • Cleansing Milk
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser
  • Night Repair Serum

Since we were young we have been told that our zits are the product of oily skin and hormonal issues and therefore we should avoid oils and moisturisers. This is not the right thing to do!
Many adult acne sufferers don’t just have an oily complexion, but actually have combination, sensitive or ageing skin. Often, the main culprit behind repeated breakouts are hormones – excess testosterone and oestrogen - dietary habits and even stress! This has little to do with the physiological composition of your skin and everything to do with your lifestyle choices and inner body health.
Moana has developed a customised solution for oil and acne-prone skin types, one that ensures your complexion received essential nutrition and hydration, without excess oil or harsh chemicals that could block your pores causing your skin to produce more oil.
Why forgo anti-ageing and hydrating benefits when you can keep your oil and pimples at bay and still reward yourself with youth prompting products that are gentle and nourishing.

The Anti Acne collection includes:

  • Moana Cleansing Milk
  • Moana Serum
  • Moana Moisturiser
  • Moana Night Repair Serum


Highly hydrating and nourishing, Moana’s anti-acne solution will replenish your skin’s water levels and strengthen the dermal barrier to ensure every layer of your complexion is hydrated and nourished. This solution is living proof that even people with oily and acne prone complexions can enjoy skin that is soft and supple!
This powerful duo is gentle enough for every skin type to apply as it won’t strip your complexion’s essential oils, on the contrary! It replenishes them and leaves you skin feeling silky soft, smooth and deeply hydrated.
Sit back and relax as Moana keeps excess of sebum and acne at bay, supports your skin’s unique bio-rhythm and deliver anti-ageing goodness into your complexion.

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How to use:


Start your day with Moana Oily Skin Treatment by washing your face. Apply two drops of Moana Cleansing Milk to your fingertips and massage it gently into your face using circular movements. Rinse off with a warm towel.

Apply a few drops of Moana Serum onto your skin, by tapping it gently with your fingertips.

Shake Moana Moisturiser well and apply sparingly and evenly to your face after using the Moana Serum. Avoid the eye area.


Start your evening Moana Oily Skin Treatment by washing your face and then cleansing it with a few drops of Moana Cleansing Milk. This will gently remove not only the impurities your skin collected during the day but also any remaining make up. On your washed and cleansed face apply a few drops of Moana Night Repair Serum for overnight detoxification.

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