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What are glycans?

Glycans are basically sugar molecules that coat the cells of every living organism. These glycans work like keys to cells, allowing targeted information to be transferred between cells. Until recently, discovering the role and structure of these molecules has been difficult due to complexity and size. New advancements in the study of glycans (glycobiology) have allowed us to fully understand their function and therefore use them to combat the signs of ageing and to improve skin health.

How do glycans reverse the signs of ageing?

Glycans work in two ways:

  1. As you get older the glycans found naturally in your skin stop sending messages instructing your cells to produce collagen. Your skin cells deflate and wrinkles start to appear. Using products with glycans in them reactivate communications to increase collagen production. When more collagen is produced, you will notice visible smoothing, fewer wrinkles and plumping of the skin, giving you a younger and healthier appearance.
  2. Not only do glycans increase the production of collagen in the skin layers, they also act as transporters. Glycans facilitate a deeper level of nourishment, delivering vitamins, minerals and oils at a far deeper cellular level to vastly improving the skin's overall health and function. This second role of glycans is equally important in keeping your skin looking young.

Why marine glycans?

Marine glycans are one of the most potent and effective of all glycans used in the cosmetic industry. The species of seaweed that Moana carefully processes from the seas around New Zealand yield a powerful form of marine glycans that are enriched with high levels of natural minerals, anti-oxidants and hydrating oils.

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