Anti-ageing elixir from the depths of New Zealand’s Pristine Seas

Moana’s red seaweed extract is at the forefront of cosmeceutical skincare around the world

At the core of every Moana product is our very own unique ingredient: Glycoplus® 

Our anti-ageing extract Glycoplus® comes from red algae that is native to the coast of New Zealand, known as pristine, clean and nuclear-free due to their isolation. 
Our proprietary blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, naturally occurring peptides and marine glycans has been demonstrated to hydrate and nourish the skin, support the dermal barrier, replenish essential fatty acids, aid cellular turnover and replenish the polysaccharide strain (glycans) coating of your skin cells.

Marine Glycans in Glycoplus®

Maintenance, Repair and Renewal

Every cell in our bodies is surrounded by a dense coating of polysaccharides known as Glycans, and until very recently we were unaware of the function these sugar strains had on our skin cells. All we knew is that as we age, their numbers significantly decline.
One of the biggest scientific discovery of our times is that these Glycans are actually intelligent! As they are responsible for supporting our skin cell’s maintenance, repair and renewal functions. 
In academic research and skin trials, seaweed has being used to accelerate wound healing and reduce scarring and inflammation. Moana Skincare has found that the most plentiful and effective marine glycans can be found in red algae from New Zealand.

Science & Innovation

From the sea to the lab, find out how Moana does things differently.

Traditionally, skin care products are made by producing an emollient cream as a base and then adding varying percentages of bio-active extracts. This process has yielded products that offer no significant anti-ageing benefits as they are largely cream based. These products just sit on the surface of the skin - unable to penetrate through the dermal barrier - as their bio-active content is so insignificant it cannot carry the product inside the skin.
Moana Skincare has turned this process completely upside down! Our products have our Glycoplus® extract as a base and then we add other botanical emollients into the mix. However, these plant based extracts are also naturally bursting with gylcans, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, which are meant to enhance the super-food content of our proprietary red seaweed blend. 
Moana is an organic Cosmeceutical range, as our unique blend of marine and plant bio-active ingredients are actually accepted the skin. 



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