Introducing Moana Baby

Welcoming the newest member of our family, Moana Baby

Gentle on the skin and uniquely adorable, Moana Baby is unlike any other skincare you’ve ever seen. Premium botanicals from New Zealand’s untouched land and pristine seas are carefully infused into our products, giving birth to a precious offering that will care for your little one, from your belly to the cradle.

Majestic New Zealand Botanicals

Much like the botanicals that make up New Zealand’s rainforest, every Moana Baby product has a purpose. So, whether it be gentle hydration, relief for an upset tummy, preventing nappy rash or quickly calming itchy skin, rest assure that with Moana Baby, your infant will be as safe and comfortable as a mother’s warm and loving embrace.

F & Q

1. Is Moana Baby Natural?
Moana Baby is a natural brand, made of ingredients found only in nature. Every oil, extract and emollient our products contain, has been either eco-harvested by us or sourced from certified organic vendors.

2. Is Moana Baby organic?
Our brand new Moana Baby range is made mostly with certified organic ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals (fragrances, colours, PEG’S, petrochemicals, silicones, etc).

3. Is Moana Baby preservative free?
Both our Baby Balm and Oil are totally preservative free. However, our Calming Cream and Baby Lotion contain natural preservatives allowed in organic skincare, so feel confident in the fact that nothing artificial will ever touch the skin of your baby.

4. What makes Moana Baby a premium brand?
Moana Baby contains botanicals endemic to the New Zealand Rainforest. Our line is based in Native Kawakawa tree, known for its’ world-class anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The native Maori people also uses the leaves as a poultice, to accelerate wound healing and recovery time. Moana Baby also contains certified organic native red seaweed, Harakeke (New Zealand Flax), Grape seed oil, Aloe Vera, Calendula and Coconut Oil.

5. Where can I buy Moana Baby?
You may buy Moana Baby on our website or alternatively, for distributor and stockist information click on the following link

6. Does Moana Baby offer sun protection?
Our delicate Baby range does not offer sun protection, as it has been formulated to replenish, nourish and hydrate your baby’s skin in a totally natural way! Artificial screens and mineral sun blocks may often irritate the baby’s delicate skin, so we do not incorporate them into our formulations.

7. Can Moana Baby be used by mothers as well?
Absolutely! Our products are gentle, hydrating and nourishing and everyone in the family can enjoy them. In fact, we encourage Moana Baby to be used from the belly to the cradle, as we understand that once a woman finds out that she is expecting, she will become very mindful of what is going inside her body and on her skin. So right from the start you and your little one can enjoy the best and safest products.

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