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Why bio-active products may cause temporary redness

In the skincare industry, delivering results on expectations is crucial to the success of every brand.Our products are effective because they contain high bio-activity levels, so there may be people who experience temporary redness while using them. We guarantee that this side-effect isn’t due to the presence of harsh chemicals, as Moana contains none, it occurs because the skin may not be used to unprecedented levels of bio-active ingredients. This shouldn’t be of concern, as redness is also a clear sign that our products are working.

In the case of our Instant Lifting Mask - designed to deliver instant effects - the reaction may occur a lot faster. 

In conclusion, cosmetic scientists agree that truly effective anti-ageing benefits can be irritating to some complexions, as this short-term irritation response initiates the rejuvenation process and can help restore skin to optimum health.

This is why Moana recommends a gradual product introduction. Find the best way of introducing our products at .

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